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„TOREC” Sp. z o.o. has a vast experience in providing side track services, reloading services, transport services, storage services and complex dump and carburation devices services.

We offer our customers:
  • services of heavy material handling equipment (Ł-34 loaders, bulldozers),
  • side track services (locomotives, rail scales),
  • motor transport (tractors with boat-shape semitrailers),
  • weighting of wares (car scales),
  • reloading and loading of wares, including chemicals,
  • sorting and sieving of friable materials,
  • fenced and monitored storage areas.
Our advantage is also an interesting location (the center of Poland). We are located in northern-east of Toruń which, in connection with a convenient access, significantly simplifies logistic processes based on motor transport.

We own a few hectares of storage yards, the majority of which are pavings.

If you have any questions concerning the possibility of using our services, please contact:

Zygmunt Hryckiewicz
Exploitation Director

tel. 56 65-94-560
fax. 56 64-85-848
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